lawn mower on central campus

Mowing between showers

If it's all about timing, the lawn mowing team from campus services has had its work cut out for it the last two weeks.

Regents direct employees back to campus by July 1

Employees working mostly from off-campus locations who were making plans to return to their university offices in August now have an earlier deadline. 

New signage for change to campus face covering policy

New face covering policy

Face coverings no longer required in most campus locations

Face coverings remain an option, and Iowa Staters are asked to be respectful of the right to wear one.

What to think about if you're looking for child care

Finding consistent, high-quality child care always is a challenge for employees with young children. Here are some tips faculty and staff should keep in mind if they're searching for care to start this summer or fall.

Digital access resources growing, with policy coming soon

A growing collection of training and tools are available to help faculty and staff keep digital communication barrier-free, resources that will be useful as Iowa State prepares to adopt a new policy on digital accessibility, the university's head of digital access told the P&S Council.


Nick Howell

Five questions with a research farm superintendent

Nick Howell has been running a horticulture facility of one kind or another at Iowa State for 36 years, but as the superintendent of the Horticulture Research Station, home to up to 100 research projects annually, he learns something new every day. 

University employees are invited to city's May 20 mental health forum

Part of May's Mental Health Awareness Month observance, it will address mental health concerns, identify symptoms of mental illness and connect residents with resources in central Iowa.