Iowa State launches reaccreditation process

Iowa State has begun its once-a-decade institutional reaccreditation process through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Iowa State has been continuously accredited by the commission since 1916; the university was last reaccredited in 2016 and underwent a mid-cycle review in 2020. Feedback from the 2016 review contributed to several campus initiatives, including new academic and student success programs, improvements to online courses, and more consistent standards for graduate student theses and dissertations.

More than 50 faculty and staff will be directly involved in the reaccreditation process, including executive and steering committees, working groups aligned with HLC's five accreditation criteria and a document finalization committee. Those memberships are listed below.

Much of the committees' work will occur during the 2025-26 academic year. Work on the assurance document begins this spring, targeting an August 2025 submission. Other components of the comprehensive review include federal compliance documents, a student survey, public feedback and a site visit, scheduled for March 2026.


Executive committee

  • Ann Marie VanDerZanden (chair), associate provost for academic programs
  • Jonathan Wickert, senior vice president and provost
  • Wendy Wintersteen, president
  • Toyia Younger, senior vice president for student affairs

Steering committee

  • Kelsey Gillen (chair), director, academic quality and undergraduate education, office of the senior vice president and provost
  • Paul Hengesteg (vice chair), program and assessment specialist, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
  • Erin Baldwin, associate vice president, student health and wellness, and director, Thielen Student Health Center
  • Sarah Bennett-George, teaching professor, apparel, events and hospitality management, and 2023-24 Faculty Senate president
  • Laura Doering, associate vice president, enrollment management
  • Sam Easterling, James L. and Katherine S. Melsa Dean of Engineering
  • Jason Follett, academic advisor, College of Engineering, and 2023-24 Professional and Scientific Council president-elect
  • Heather Paris, interim senior vice president for operations and finance

Working group, Criterion 1: Mission

  • Jason Henderson (co-lead), vice president, Extension and Outreach
  • Surya Mallapragada (co-lead), associate vice president for research
  • Sharron Evans, associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students
  • Bill Graves, dean, Graduate College
  • Sophia Magill, senior advisor to the president and director of federal relations, office of the president
  • Amy Slagell, associate dean for academic programs, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Working group, Criterion 2: Ethical and Responsible Conduct

  • Brett Lohoefener (co-lead), associate general counsel, office of university counsel
  • Jim Reecy (co-lead), associate vice president for research
  • Tim Day, University Professor, biomedical sciences
  • Heimir Geirsson, professor and chair, philosophy and religious studies
  • Heather Greenlee, associate dean, Graduate College
  • Jennifer Owens, director of student services, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Kipp Van Dyke, associate dean of students, office of student assistance

Working group, Criterion 3: Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources and Support

  • Steven Lonergan (co-lead), Morrill Professor, animal science
  • Sara Marcketti (co-lead), assistant provost and executive director, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
  • Meghan Gillette, associate teaching professor, human development and family studies
  • Adriana Gonzalez-Elliott, director, Academic Success Center
  • Jennifer Holliday, Student Government president
  • Cris Schwartz, assistant dean for student success, College of Engineering
  • Hilary Seo, dean, Library
  • Rob Whitehead, associate dean for student success, College of Design

Working group, Criterion 4: Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

  • Michael Bootsma (co-lead), teaching professor, accounting
  • Amanda DeGraff (co-lead), associate director, office of institutional research
  • Christine Cain, Graduate and Professional Student Senate president
  • Monica Lamm, associate professor, chemical and biological engineering
  • Sekar Raju, Gary and Margaret Pint Faculty Fellow and Chair, marketing
  • Michael Retallick, professor and chair, agricultural education and studies
  • Rob Wallace, associate professor, ecology, evolution and organismal biology

Working group, Criterion 5: Institutional Effectiveness, Resources and Planning

  • Siti Sabtu-Schaper (co-lead), budget and planning analyst, office of the senior vice president and provost
  • Karen Zunkel (co-lead), executive director, office of institutional research
  • Michael Harwood, associate vice president for campus life, and director, residence
  • Dwaine Heppler, associate vice president, university human resources
  • Tera Jordan, assistant provost for faculty success, and associate professor, human development and family studies
  • Brandi Latterell, assistant vice president for real estate and capital planning, facilities planning and management
  • Mike Lohrbach, chief technology officer, IT services
  • Chad Olson, director, office of student financial aid

Document finalization committee

  • Jacy Johnson, associate vice president, strategic relations and communications
  • Megan Landolt, strategic communications advisor, office of the president
  • Rob Schweers, communications director, office of the senior vice president and provost

Questions regarding HLC accreditation may be directed to Gillen,