Enrich helps employees understand their finances

Iowa State's support for employees continues with a new offering in Adventure2 -- the Enrich personal financial tool. Enrich is a virtual program that helps employees understand financial topics including retirement, budgeting, mortgages and student loans.


Email worklife@iastate.edu to learn more or ask questions about Enrich.

The information is presented in several formats from videos to infographics and articles and doesn't require a significant time commitment. Enrich launched Oct. 24 and adds to a growing suite of resources available in Advanture2, including the Parenting Success Solution.

"Over the last five or 10 years, we have really seen financial well-being become a more important aspect of people's overall well-being," said ISU WellBeing coordinator Stephanie Downs. "If we are not addressing the financial aspect, we are missing an important piece of the well-being of our employees."


Employees can access Enrich by signing into Adventure2 and clicking on the "Services" tab, or they can log in to Enrich directly.

"We want Adventure2 to be a hub for well-being and as we add new tools, we will look to put them there to provide employees one spot where they can go for a multitude of their needs," Downs said.

Getting started

Employees begin in Enrich by completing the financial wellness checkup, which helps the program learn about financial issues relevant to them and recommend the best courses and tools to achieve goals. Content is tailored, whether individuals are beginning their career or preparing for retirement. Those who log in through Adventure2 receive points for signing up and completing the checkup.

Enrich also provides suggestions to encourage better money management. The money personality test can show why people feel a certain way about their finances, their viewpoint on money and how others impact the decisions they make with their money.

"We like the ease of navigation and most of the sessions are quick and provide a lot of information," Downs said. "The money personality test can really help you understand why you do what you do financially."

Open enrollment

Downs said the addition of Enrich is another tool employees can consult during benefits open enrollment -- it began Nov. 1 -- as they make selections for calendar year 2024. ALEX -- an interactive virtual benefits counselor that's free, confidential and available 24/7 -- offers recommendations on which options to pick. ALEX also can be accessed under the "Services" tab in Adventure2.