P&S, faculty salary increases shift to January, merit staff increases follow fiscal year

On July 1, faculty, P&S and contract staff and post-docs with satisfactory performance evaluations received a 1% salary increase -- one step in a transition year that will move performance-based salary increases to Jan. 1, beginning in 2024.

In September, parameters for additional salary increases will be announced, an additional step in the transition. Those increases will become effective Jan. 1, 2024, and each year after, performance-based salary increases for these employee groups will be implemented on Jan. 1.

The strategy, announced last November, provides some breathing room between the Legislature's state appropriation decisions, the regents' annual tuition-setting process and the subsequent task on campus of finalizing operating budgets, including employee salary increases.

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Q&A: Annual review, performance increase timeline shift for faculty, P&S, contract staff and post-docs

"Our new salary policy builds in the extra time needed to allow for more thoughtful, informed decisions, without feeling rushed," said Kristi Darr, vice president for university human resources.

At its June meeting, the state Board of Regents directed the universities to develop salary policies for faculty and staff and submit them to the board's executive director Mark Braun for approval. Iowa State’s process will follow the new timeline.

The shift also moves the window for performance evaluations to the fall. Most faculty evaluations will occur this fall and cover 18 months this one time.

The July 1 1% salary increase will be viewable in Workday on July 17.

Merit employee increases stick with fiscal calendar

The timing for merit employee and public safety merit employee salary increases will remain July 1, the start of the fiscal year as set by the collective bargaining agreement.

A new two-year contract (2023-25) between the state of Iowa and the union representing Iowa State's merit employees (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, or AFSCME) calls for across-the-board 3% increases for covered employees both years, on July 1 of 2023 and 2024. Eligible employees could earn an additional 1% increase for meritorious work on their review date in the coming year.

Employees of AFSCME's public safety bargaining unit, including ISU police officers, have their own contract with separately negotiated terms.

For Iowa State's merit employees, the new board-approved Regent Merit System Pay Plan on July 1 provides 3% adjustments to pay grade minimums and maximums. For public safety officers, the updated pay matrix features two expanded pay grades (formerly four) because there's now a single police officer classification.