Reminder: Adobe Acrobat Sign is the e-signature option after April 29

The end of Iowa State's contract with e-signature vendor DocuSign, announced in early February, has arrived. Friday, April 29, is the last day employees will be able to use that platform to modify or route electronic documents and contracts requiring a signature. Since early February, they've had access to Adobe Acrobat Sign for creating new documents.

After Friday -- and only through July -- access to DocuSign will be limited to reading documents or exporting PDF files of signed documents they want to keep. On July 31, DocuSign will purge all Iowa State documents from its system.

Blank templates available

An information technology services (ITS) team has exported all Iowa State document templates from DocuSign and formatted them for use in Adobe Acrobat Sign. If you haven't yet, email to request a copy of your templates; be sure to include the template title.

Initiator vs signer

Jim Hurley, ITS software development manager, said he has provided "initiator" status in Adobe Acrobat Sign to about 375 faculty and staff, notably higher than the 230 who had authority to create e-signature documents in DocuSign. To request initiator status, submit the online form for Adobe Acrobat Sign in the IT service portal. Employees who simply sign documents routed to them don't need the software. However, they will be required to agree to Adobe's use terms the first time they use Adobe Sign.

The university's three-year contract with Adobe Acrobat Sign began Nov. 1, 2021. Hurley's team integrated it with other campus systems, and several dozen early adopters helped identify and correct hiccups before the rest of campus received access in February.


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