New grant encourages Cy-Hawk research teams

The research offices at Iowa State and the University of Iowa have partnered to offer seed grants for collaborative work between the two schools.

"We are excited about leveraging the two universities' complementary bioscience research strengths and building cross-institutional partnerships to support two of Iowa's bioscience platforms for economic development," said vice president for research Sarah Nusser.

The Building ISU-UI Research Partnerships Seed Grant Program offers up to $50,000 per project over two years to interdisciplinary teams studying the areas of antimicrobial resistance, brain science, vaccines and immunotherapies, and medical devices. The intent is to spark collaborative team projects that attract sponsored funding from federal agencies, while raising the research profiles at both institutions.

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The new seed grant is one of 15 internal funding programs offered by the vice president for research office. The funding opportunities aimed at helping faculty advance their research careers range from new interdisciplinary research to cost-share for research instrumentation and open access publications.

An overview of the programs (PDF) is available on the research office's Grants Hub website. Submissions do not require GoldSheet or Cardinal Sheet forms required for external grant applications.

Internal funding is available for research in all disciplines. Several programs were created exclusively for interdisciplinary projects:

Help with publishing, planning, positions and more

The interdisciplinary grants are only part of the diverse pool of internal funds available to researchers. The Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities offers three grants -- up to $10,000 or $15,000 each -- to support planning, research and symposium in the arts and humanities. The Bailey Research Career Development Award -- up to $50,000 annually for three years -- funds innovative research in emerging fields, with practical applications.

Funding also is available to support research activities and excellence, such as graduate research positions and scholarly publication costs. And a collection of four cost-sharing funding options offer help with research instrumentation, sponsored programs, faculty development and faculty start-up packages.