Tracking WorkCyte progress

The WorkCyte deployment tracker is located on page three of the June update (PDF).

In the latest monthly update posted to the WorkCyte website, a timeline shows the progress of teams working to plan, configure and implement campuswide (enterprise) programs.

The WorkCyte "deployment tracker" begins with the selection of Workday and Okta in fall 2016 and extends through the implementation process with initial "go-live" activities planned for the last half of 2018. Each stage in the deployment of the Workday enterprise platform, which is in the architect phase, runs across the top of the tracker.

"Everything follows the same drum beat of the Workday timeline," said WorkCyte project director Francis Quinn.

He said the tracker illustrates how all of WorkCyte's moving parts -- the Workday and Okta enterprise platforms, and the overall improved delivery of services -- are working toward the same goal.

"It tells you that this a complex project, with multiple work streams, and it's advancing," Quinn said.

Examples of the work streams moving in tandem on the timeline include:

  • Technical elements, such as a foundation data model* (the framework for data analytics, financial reporting and management reporting)
  • Change management, such as training and communication for new business processes*
  • Service delivery, such as the organization, roles and responsibilities for positions that handle transactions

*Some terminology used in the tracker is defined in the WorkCyte glossary of common terms.

Interactive version in the works

The communications team is working on an interactive tracker, which would provide users an opportunity to "roll back the layers" for more details.

"We want to provide something that all Iowa Staters can access, understand and use to drill up or drill down to get as much information as they want," said Cara Roesch, a WorkCyte consultant working with the change management team.

Until the interactive tracker is available, the latest version will be provided in the monthly updates posted online.

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