Males wear paper glasses to look at sky

Lawn party for an eclipse

Iowa Staters filled campus lawns early Monday afternoon to share the experience of a partial solar eclipse.

Provost candidate visits begin next week

Campus visits this month are confirmed for four finalists for the senior vice president and provost leadership post. Each candidate will hold a campus forum on the first day of their visit.

Senators approve term faculty changes

The changes focus on term faculty members' ability to hold administrative roles, periodic reviews, and reviews for renewal and advancement. Associate vice president of public safety and chief of police Michael Newton also addressed policing at the university.

Surprise! Museums' visual literacy uses a scientific process

Because university museums' primary purpose is not to curate art exhibitions, but to support the university's mission of educating students, the staff wants to reach more students by working with more faculty to integrate visual literacy into a class session.

Strategic plan funds extend impact of open educational resources

Projects are progressing from eight awarded grants and include a modular research handbook covering key areas of the research process for students and a data dashboard of course material costs across Iowa State.

Nine teaching-based projects selected for Miller fellowships

Six of the projects relate to "artificial intelligence across the curriculum," focused on exploring and integrating generative AI in teaching and learning. The nine projects share a total of $385,552, the most in the program's history.

A partner for producers

The Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory's speed, expertise and devoted service make it an essential partner for livestock and poultry producers, the behind-the-scenes foundation of one of Iowa's most important industries.