orange-vested workers wash floors and halls

Closet fire closes much of Marston for cleanup

An Oct. 20 fire, while quickly extinguished, caused smoke and water damage that will take an estimated six to eight weeks to repair.

Benefits enrollment opens Nov. 1

The annual enrollment window closes Nov. 17. The new payroll deductions (except for flexible spending accounts) begin with the December payroll, and benefits coverage begins Jan. 1.

A healthy dose of skepticism aids cybersecurity

It's National Cybersecurity Awareness Month -- a timely reminder that strong passwords, multi-factor authentication and updated software are key to keeping information safe. Remember, IT services will never ask for your password or MFA code.

Beware of tax credit offer in your mailbox

Employees or offices that receive a notice about a tax refund credit are asked to route the information to the university's tax office. Don't respond to the inquiry.

TIAA consultants offer 1:1 meetings on campus

Financial consultants from the TIAA Somerset office schedule on-campus appointments four days each month.