Four female students in graduation garb sit on the ISU wall

Iowa State will graduate more than 4,600 students this spring

The university community will celebrate their accomplishments this weekend at college events and five commencement ceremonies.

Catt Hall review committee prepares a draft for fall comment

This fall, the committee considering requests to remove Carrie Chapman Catt's name from Catt Hall will release its draft report for public comment. The draft will include the committee's initial recommendation on keeping or removing the building's name.

Regents propose tuition, fee increases

The new rates are a proposed 3.5% increase ($304) for resident undergraduates, 4% tuition increases for nonresident undergraduates and all graduate students, and 3.8%-5% increases for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students.

Learning community pilot for term faculty focuses on leading

Term faculty make up more than one-third of Iowa State's faculty, but leadership roles take a backseat for many early in their career. The learning community focused on building community and finding ways for term faculty voices to be heard at all levels.

Two faculty members elected to National Academy of Sciences

Jonathan Wendel, ecology, evolution and organismal biology; and Dan Shechtman, materials science and engineering; are among the 143 scholars elected this year for their contributions to scientific research.

Council learns more about first rollout of Workday Student

A small number of staff will begin using the new Workday Student software on June 5, and ISU will start accepting applications from prospective students on June 15. The other five rollout periods begin this October and continue through November 2024.

Radiation safety team supports first responders

University radiation safety staff are helping first responders and health care providers around the state prepare for radiation emergencies.