Excavator operator pulls apart Olsen building

Heading into the home stretch

Demolition of the Olsen Building last month created space for the final components of $90 million in facility and program improvements north of Jack Trice Stadium for the athletics department.

SHOP set to receive tax-exempt status

The student-run food pantry SHOP is teaming with the ISU Foundation to become a tax exempt nonprofit. By doing so, it can access more grants and partner with the Food Bank of Iowa to buy food at a lower price.

Fellows program prepares students to cut an innovative path

The Student Innovation Fellows Corps that launched this fall ties together a wide variety of ISU innovation programs, encouraging students to use the skills and mindset they've developed in those experiences to travel a self-designed educational path that leads to accomplishing a big challenge.

Standing committee named for review of requests to rename university property

Chairing the committee will be Carol Faber, Faculty Senate president and associate professor of graphic design, who last year co-chaired the committee that developed the policy on consideration of removing names from university property.

Crews clean walls and above the ceiling line on first floor Ross

Ross Hall cleanup

Making progress at Ross Hall

Everything in smoke-damaged Ross Hall -- surfaces, ductwork, furniture and electronics, elevator shafts and the air -- has to be cleaned before the building can be used again.

Multiple in-person events is the goal for spring commencement

Ceremonies for bachelor's and master's students would be held outdoors at Jack Trice Stadium, and ceremonies for doctor of veterinary medicine and all other doctoral candidates would be held in Hilton Coliseum.

Virtual field trip helps design students see bigger picture

When the pandemic put an end to a trip to St. Louis last fall, design students found another way to be able to learn about and help design houses for people with HIV or AIDS. The virtual field trip was organized with help from two ISU alumni and led to students creating plans, materials and furnishings for the houses.

Iowa State is among the top producers of 2020-21 Fulbright Scholars

Six university faculty received Fulbright awards in the U.S. government's flagship international educational exchange program.