Council survey finds strong P&S support for WorkFlex

Professional and scientific staff overwhelmingly support and are largely satisfied with WorkFlex, the ISU flexible work program that launched earlier this year, according to a survey conducted by the P&S Council.

Of the 785 staff who responded to the April survey, 90% said they support Workflex, according to data shared by compensation and benefits committee chair Patrick Wall at the council's May 5 meeting. 

The WorkFlex program, used in the spring semester by about 600 employees, allows eligible staff flexibility in when, where and how they work -- when it fits with their job duties and the university's mission. The available options include working remotely up to three days a week, the program's most-used offering.

The council's survey found 71% of respondents are satisfied with WorkFlex's options, Wall said. An analysis of responses to open-ended survey questions hasn't been completed yet, but an overarching trend from those responses is a concern with differences in how WorkFlex is administered depending on the work unit, he said.

The results of the survey will be useful as council leaders work with university human resources on possible tweaks to WorkFlex, council president Chris Johnsen said. Allowing flexible work arrangements has long been a goal of the council.

The second window of WorkFlex requests, for the summer session, takes effect May 16. Applications for WorkFlex agreements that begin this fall will be open June 6-July 1.