Portraits of Iowa State

artist paints portrait of seated woman

Maquoketa artist Rose Frantzen (right) works on a portrait of Mary Giese -- one of 20 being painted on site in Iowa State's exhibit during the state fair. Photo by Christopher Gannon.

As part of this year's state fair exhibit, University Museums is gaining 20 freshly painted portraits for its collection. The subjects, chosen by colleges and units, include students, faculty, staff, alumni and individuals with close ties to the university.

The portraits are being painted by Maquoketa artist Rose Frantzen on site in the university's state fair exhibit -- two daily, with one day of rest. Following is a list and short description of the subjects.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Grace Amemiya

  • 96-year-old Ames resident who was placed in a World War II Japanese American internment camp; husband, Min, was an agronomy professor and extension agronomist at ISU

Marcia Borel

  • Alum who, with her husband Jim, have a great love of art and recently funded a painting of George Washington Carver and Henry Wallace that hangs in Curtiss Hall

Joe Lyon

  • Alum and nationally recognized leader in the dairy industry whose wife, Norma "Duffy" (also an alum), sculpted the Iowa State Fair butter cow for 46 years

Paxton Williams

  • Alum who is well-known for his portrayal of George Washington Carver in a one-man play he wrote about the life of the barrier-breaking agricultural researcher and educator

College of Business

Miriam De Dios

  • Alum and senior vice president for Affiliates Management Co. who is the youngest CEO among its family of companies (Coopera)

Suku Radia

  • CEO of Bankers Trust and alum who came to the United States from Uganda to attend Iowa State

College of Engineering

Jay Chapman

  • Alum and Iowa native who serves as president of the Cyclone Gridiron Club and is active in the Greater Des Moines Cyclone Club and ISU Alumni Association

Matt Goode

  • Senior in materials engineering who used his solar car team experience and intern/co-op work to start his own company

Surya Mallapragada

  • Distinguished Professor and Carol Vohs Johnson Chair in Chemical and Biological Engineering who is an award-winning polymers researcher and innovator

College of Human Sciences

Dynette Moser

  • Alum and alumni relations director in the college who has served as a 4-H judge at county fairs and the state fair for 25+ years

Shirley Stakey

  • Alum and award-winning extension and 4-H staff member who served 23 years as superintendent of the 4-H Exhibits Building at the state fair

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Simon Estes

  • ISU artist-in-residence and Iowa native who is an international bass-baritone opera singer

Charity Nebbe

  • Alum who hosts Iowa Public Radio's "Talk of Iowa" show

College of Veterinary Medicine

Laurie Meythaler-Mullins

  • Alum who owns the South Des Moines Veterinary Center and is president of the Iowa State Veterinary Medical Alumni Association

ISU Extension and Outreach

Evan Fritz

  • 2016 ISU grad and long-time 4-H member who served as an intern in the Rising Star program that connects ISU students with extension and outreach community programs

Mary Giese

  • Marshall County extension council member who also served as president of the Iowa Extension Association Council

University Library

Petrina Jackson

  • Alum who returned to ISU to serve as head of special collections and university archives

Eric Schares

  • Alum who serves as a science and technology librarian at ISU, with expertise in the subject areas of electrical and computer engineering, and industrial and manufacturing systems engineering

Vice President for Research

Wayne Fuller

  • Distinguished Professor emeritus of statistics and economics who is internationally recognized for his data research; a three-time ISU alum and mentor to many over his 50-year career

Stephanie Hansen

  • Associate professor of animal science and alum who is a leading cattle nutrition researcher