Bye-bye, PeopleAdmin 5.8

After seven months of simultaneously running two versions of Iowa State's online classification and hiring system -- PeopleAdmin 5.8 (PA5.8) and PeopleAdmin 7 (PA7) -- it's time to say goodbye to PA5.8.


If you have questions or need assistance with PeopleAdmin 5.8 or PeopleAdmin 7, contact your UHR recruitment consultant or visit the project website.

Beginning July 1, PA5.8 will retire for good. May 31 marks the last day applicants can apply for a position posted in PA5.8. There currently are about 20 active postings in the old system. PA7 launched last September and offers a user-friendly applicant portal that makes it easier to apply for positions at Iowa State and track the progress of applications.

PA5.8 shutdown timeline

Following is a timeline of shutdown activities for PA5.8:

  • Now through June: Administrative leaders (deans, directors, etc.) and human resources liaisons will be notified by email about the remaining positions posted in PA5.8. HR liaisons will finalize the remaining vacancies and may need assistance from administrators.
  • May 31: This is the last day applicants may access and apply for a posted position in PA5.8. No extensions or exceptions are possible.
  • June 1: June is the last full month PA5.8 will be accessible to campus users. Applicants in the old system must be reviewed, selected and hired by June 30. If you are unable to meet this deadline, contact your university human resources (UHR) recruiter. 
  • July 1: Campus users no longer will be able to access PA5.8. UHR will continue to maintain the master electronic records for the information contained in the PA5.8 system following its retirement. The following steps should be taken before this date:
  1. Collect historical data as necessary
  2. Properly finalize vacancies

Unique project

Running two systems at the same time has proved unique and somewhat challenging for those involved.

"Our recruiting cycle is long due to the nature of the university's work. We felt it was important to support campus' need to maintain the ability to collect applications throughout the system upgrade process," said Julie Nuter, associate vice president for UHR. "We recognize that this created some challenges for campus users. However, we appreciate the efforts by hiring managers, HR liaisons, ITS staff, UHR staff and other PA users to ensure a positive experience for candidates."