The Knoll, Beardshear almost ready for the Leaths

Construction work on The Knoll and 1750 Beardshear Hall is nearing completion, just as Steven Leath takes over as Iowa State's 15th president on Jan. 16. Virtually all of the work is scheduled for completion by Feb. 1.

"Although we're not meeting the schedule we hoped for, we're making a lot of progress and we've gotten a lot done," said Dave Miller, associate vice president for facilities planning and management.

Miller said delivery delays have been the biggest issue. Unexpected discoveries during renovation work at The Knoll -- such as two inches of concrete beneath the second-floor master bathroom and undersized plumbing -- also required additional planning and adjustments.

"It's a 100-plus-year-old house," Miller said. "It's an experience every time we go in there."

The Knoll

 The main floor -- which is used for university events and meetings, and is not part of the living quarters -- awaits the arrival of some of the carpet and tile for the bathroom. Window replacement also will be completed this month.

The living quarters (second and third floors) are substantially ready. Tile and cabinetry work on the master and guest baths will be complete by the end of the month, after which the last of the painting and carpet cleaning will take place.

Unlike the first floor, the living quarters are not furnished. The first of the Leaths' household items will arrive Jan. 12. The rest will follow later this spring when Leath's wife, Janet, joins him permanently in Ames.

1750 Beardshear

Miller said most of the construction work in the president's Beardshear suite of offices is "clean up and dress up," including new carpet and a fresh coat of paint.

The west office area of the president's suite is nearly complete and will house the east office staff while workers finish their portion of 1750 Beardshear. The carpet, which was scheduled for delivery by Dec. 23, should arrive this week and will allow workers to have Leath's own office ready by his start date. Work will then move to the reception area and conference room, which also received lighting and media upgrades.