Regents direct universities to comply with governor's TikTok ban

On Dec. 15, Iowa Board of Regents President Mike Richards provided guidance to all regent institutions to comply with a directive by Gov. Kim Reynolds to ban TikTok, the social media platform, on all state-owned devices.

In a statement, Richards asked all institutions to:

  • Remove and prevent the installation of the TikTok app from all electronic devices owned, leased or controlled by the university.
  • Stop creating and posting content on all TikTok accounts owned or controlled by the university.

University leaders ask that all employees immediately remove the TikTok app from university-owned devices. For questions or assistance, contact the ITS Solution Center or 515-294-4000.

Employees can still access TikTok on privately-owned devices, even if connecting through the university Wi-Fi network, but it cannot be for business purposes. The board guidance does not apply to student organizations.

Editor's note: This story was posted on Dec. 16, at the time of the announcement.