Library tweaks extended loan renewal

Before closing out another academic year, take a minute to look around your space for anything checked out from the University Library. Renew or return extended loan items due May 13.

Return or renewal

Items borrowed on extended loan must be renewed or returned by May 13. There are three ways to renew an item:

  • Online
  • Call 515-294-3961 and have your NetID or library visitor card with you
  • In person at any university library (Parks, Vet Med, Design)

A simple renewal process -- online or by phone -- can be used until an item has been checked out for three years. At that point, it must be returned or checked out again by going to the library. Access service department head Dawn Mick said during the pandemic, library staff reviewed software capabilities and discovered it could limit checkout time to three years, something not previously possible.

"We are revising our lending policy, and the end-of-year renewal period seemed like a good time to implement this change," Mick said. "It gives people a chance to take stock of the library materials they have had checked out for years. Since these items belong to the community, it's important they can be accounted for by the people who have them."

Extended loan is available to faculty, graduate students, post-docs, professional and scientific staff, emeritus faculty, affiliates and others. They can check out books, journals, DVDs and other materials for an academic year. People who still need an item after three years simply bring it to the library, check it out and leave with the item.

"Our software actually keeps track and tells the person how long they have until they have to renew or return it," Mick said. "It is for any library materials that are not reference materials or from tech lending."

Individuals received a renewal notice on April 12 about the upcoming deadline to return or renew extended loan items. Mick said it led to numerous returns.

About 2,000 people currently have items on extended loan. Several items have been checked out for 20-plus years with the longest nearing 31 years, Mick said.

If someone else needs an item that is on extended loan, a recall is issued. The current borrower receives a notice with a new, shorter due date. Another option is interlibrary loan to get another copy.