Great cold-morning jobs

Jeff Schreck works on an oil change on a lawnmower tractor

Photos by Christopher Gannon.

What do our employees with largely outdoor duties do when the windchill plummets to -35 degrees? University photographer Christopher Gannon found out Tuesday morning.

Above, groundskeeper Jeff Schreck changes the oil on a lawnmower tractor inside the shop at the General Services Building. The campus services team works on repairs and regular maintenance of equipment and machinery during winter's coldest snaps.

Below, a campus services team removes snow piles from Lot 37 northeast of Science Hall. When it's too cold for snow to melt, crews remove some of it  -- a lot of it, this winter -- to keep the parking lots useable for permit holders and delivery drivers. Snow from central campus ends up in the open field east of Haber Road, north of the railroad tracks, where its melting pace is less urgent.

Brrrrrrr . . .


Front loader and dump truck remove snow piles from campus lot