Implementation continues for new P&S structure

The first part of the process to implement the new classification and compensation system for the university's 3,200 professional and scientific (P&S) employees is complete: Leaders across campus, aided by their HR delivery teams as needed, have linked their employees to job titles in the new classification system. Central university human resources (UHR) staff now are in the process of reviewing those assignments, said Emma Mallarino Houghton, UHR classification and compensation director.

Implementation steps that remain, she said, are:

  • UHR sends notification of their new job classification assignment to all P&S employees and their supervisors.
  • Employees learn more about their job classification using tools provided by UHR, ask questions and, if desired in partnership with their manager, may request a review of their placement in the new structure. Reviews will be aided by HR delivery teams.
  • Following that review period, the new P&S system, including the market-based pay grades, will go live in Workday.

Pandemic-related impacts across the university diverted staff time from implementing the new P&S structure during the last eight weeks, Mallarino Houghton said.

"We kept moving on our work, but with other priorities emerging, we're delayed in meeting the implementation milestones we shared with the campus community earlier this spring," she said.

Revised timeline to be determined

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, May 31 was the target to complete implementation. Mallarino Houghton said an updated implementation timeline, including the window for employee review, will be shared once it is known.

She said UHR staff are working to finalize information for the class/comp project website before the employee review process begins. As it becomes available, the content will help employees and their managers understand the new structure and includes:

  • Level guides for each of the three categories of jobs: support contributor, individual contributor and management.
  • Documents to help employees understand and interpret the level guides.
  • Tips to help employees assess the accuracy of their new job title.
  • Lists of the job families (29) and job titles (575+) in the new structure.