WorkCyte: Security system launches this fall

A projected timeline for implementing an identity/access security platform was introduced in the latest monthly update available on the WorkCyte website. The Okta platform was selected to help ISU secure websites, online services and applications with a single sign-on, and meet new federal security requirements.

"The requirements outline the things we need to do to protect our network and what is stored on it," said chief information security officer David Cotton. "Okta provides another level of security with multifactor authentication."

Over the coming weeks, campus IT personnel and Okta consultants will work to identify the systems and applications utilized by campus users to determine if and how they can be protected behind Okta's virtual security perimeter. An implementation plan based on what they find will be developed at the start of the fall semester.

Campus users will hear more about implementation and user training in late fall (October-November). Core systems and applications -- such as Office 365, Cybox, CyMail, Qualtrics and Blackboard/Canvas (learning management system) -- are expected to be secured behind Okta before the end of the calendar year. More will be phased in over time.

"We already have identified 107 unique university applications, websites or services that may need to be integrated into Okta," Cotton said. "I expect we’ll find more as we continue our engagements with the campus community."


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