Workday moves to architect phase

What's new with WorkCyte?

Monthly updates are provided to ISU's change liaisons and stakeholder groups, then posted on the WorkCyte website. Information also is added to the FAQ as needed. Questions and comments can be submitted online.

Implementation of Workday, a major component of the overarching WorkCyte initiative to update and streamline campus-wide (enterprise) systems and processes, is moving into the "architect" phase.

Through August, consultants will meet with ISU personnel in small design sessions as part of the architect phase. Current ISU financial and human capital management business processes -- more than 350 of them -- will be analyzed and matched with the appropriate business processes in the Workday platform.

"The architect phase is where we dig deep and begin to uncover how we can work smarter, not harder," said Francis Quinn, WorkCyte project director. "We will discover and strategically preserve in Workday the best of the multitude of ISU processes that have been implemented over the last 40 years."

Top administrators who handle financial and human capital management processes (such as university human resources and the finance division) will serve in leadership roles during this phase. Key representatives with first-hand knowledge of the processes also will provide input during the design sessions. Information from these small-group design sessions will guide the custom configuration of Iowa State's Workday platform.

Mindi Balmer, who directs information management in university human resources, serves as a co-leader for the WorkCyte human capital management and payroll processes.

"Input from key stakeholders across campus is required during each stage of deploying Workday at Iowa State," she said. "Project teams will work hard to combine the right skill sets and knowledge of business processes to collectively best meet ISU’s needs."

Managing change

Running in tandem with the architect phase of Workday -- and into future development of the overall WorkCyte initiative -- are change management teams, who are collecting information and preparing for implementation. Their work includes:

  • Documenting the business processes (internal and external steps)
  • Analyzing the organizational impact (old vs. new processes, procedures, policies, roles, responsibilities, etc.)
  • Identifying user roles
  • Developing materials for training and readiness


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