Live art

Man sitting for a portrait painting

Photo by Christopher Gannon.

Director of ISU logistics and support services Norm Hill was a portrait sitter for Maquoketa artist Rose Frantzen on the final day of her nine-day residency in the Christian Petersen Art Museum. Frantzen was about 80 percent finished with the Hill portrait at this moment. Hill was one of 13 "important and impactful" Iowa Staters selected by ISU colleges and University Museums for this art-in-the-making project. 

The Frantzen portraits -- including 19 painted during the 2016 Iowa State Fair -- will make up a "Faces of Iowa State" exhibition opening in August at the Brunnier Art Museum. Following its Brunnier showing, the exhibition will move to sites throughout the state. At the conclusion of the tour, the portraits will become part of the university's Art on Campus collection.