P&S staff: Check your position description

Accessing your position description

  • Log in to PeopleAdmin with your Net-ID and password
  • Select the "My Profile" tab
  • Select "Position Descriptions" tab
  • Select your position

If you're a professional and scientific employee, University Human Resources (UHR) staff recommend logging in to PeopleAdmin and reviewing your position description with your manager. Standard job factors for each classification were added and previous job factor language, often written for specific positions, will disappear in the coming months.

"This standardized language -- approved by the Board of Regents in 1993 -- replaced the specific job factors for individual positions, which previously were written by employees and managers," said Emma Mallarino Houghton, director of classification and compensation.

Where to look

Human resource specialist Kyla Kaetzel said employees and managers should review the "job factors" section of the position descriptions to determine if the previous language would be more appropriate elsewhere, such as the summary of duties and responsibilities.

P&S employees and managers can access position descriptions through PeopleAdmin. The individualized text is available in the "Job Factors" area (scroll down to the third section). Kaetzel said position description reviews and changes -- if necessary -- should happen during this year's performance review cycle. The individualized text will be eliminated no later than June.

Staff also can view (but not edit) the standardized language in the "classification" section at the top of the position description.

"This will allow all P&S staff an opportunity to review their current position description with the job factors that were written by the employee or the manager, in relation to the standard job factors," Mallarino Houghton said.

Job factors vs. job duties

The job duties, which help determine classification (for example, a research analyst or residence hall coordinator), describe position responsibilities and can be unique. The job factors -- which include complexity, innovation, impact on institutional mission, internal interactions, external interactions and leadership -- determine the position pay grade (P-level).

The standard job factors are identical by classification. For instance, all employees who are classified as an academic adviser II will share the same standard job factors, regardless of which college or department hired the employee.

Annual reviews: Make it a habit

Kaetzel encouraged employees to review their position descriptions with supervisors as part of the annual performance evaluation process.

Questions about P&S position descriptions can be directed to college and division human resources liaisons (directory), or to UHR classification and compensation staff (email).