New training class helps managers hire the best

A new skills-based training course is available for Iowa State's hiring managers and interviewers that will help them learn how to choose the most qualified candidates when filling positions.  

More opportunities

University human resources is developing additional training opportunities for hiring managers in response to the state Board of Regents TIER study and the HR-10 business case. Look for more information in an upcoming Inside.

University human resources is offering a three-hour training program, "Behavior-based Interviewing," that will help managers structure interviews so they can appropriately assess a candidate's ability to perform on the job. Participants will learn how to:

  • Understand the theories and practices behind behavior-based interviewing
  • Be an effective interviewer
  • Select the best candidates for open positions
  • Minimize legal exposure during the interview process

"Behavior-based interviewing is a proven method for interviewing candidates," said Jill Pretzer, human resource consultant. "If done well, it helps interviewers get more job-related content from their candidates."

Kristina Johnson of EFR Workplace Solutions will lead the class. There is no cost to attend this training.

The first class is Sept. 29 (9 a.m.-noon, Memorial Union Cardinal Room). Additional classes will be offered each month through the end of the year. Registration for the September class is open via AccessPlus (Employee > UHR Training > Courses). 

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