Second forum on TIER review is June 24

A second public forum on the state Board of Regents' TIER efficiency review will be held Tuesday, June 24, from 9 to 11 a.m. in the Howe Hall auditorium.

During the forum, regents, ISU officials and representatives of Deloitte Consulting will answer questions about the just-completed first phase of the Transparent, Inclusive Efficiency Review and plans for phase 2.

Among those attending the forum will be President Steven Leath, regents Larry McKibben and Milt Dakovich, and representatives from Deloitte Consulting.

The event will be livestreamed and archived online for later viewing at this site:

Submit questions

The forum will include brief presentations followed by a question-and-answer session. Those who are unable to attend the forum can:

  • Send questions to, during or in advance of the forum
  • Tweet questions, using #TIERforum during the event

Phase 2 

After 10 weeks of intensive data-collecting and interviews at the three state universities, the consultants have identified eight areas that they believe offer the greatest opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings. During phase 2, which begins this month, the consulting team will do detailed cost-benefit analyses of potential opportunities for cost savings in each of those areas.

Some phase 2 work begins next week. Consultants will be on campus not only for the forum, but to collect additional data and information from selected individuals and units.

Regents documents 

More details on the review thus far and the work to come can be found in several documents, recently released by the regents.

  • Update: Phases 1, 2 (June 11): The  short report summarizes phase 1 work and lists the eight areas of focus during phase 2.
  • News release (June 16): Study estimates $30 million-$80 million in annual savings, reinvestment.
  • Catalogue and Prioritized List of Opportunities (June 16): This 80-page document lists potential opportunities for efficiency and cost-savings that originally were under consideration and the 17 opportunities (in eight areas) that ultimately were selected for Phase 2 analysis. These opportunities, which include such suggestions as creating a common student application portal across the three universities and improving use of classroom space through a scheduling policy, will be examined in depth in phase 2.

Focus shifts to academic programs in the fall

The consultants have noted that administrative functions will be the focus of their summer work. Once fall semester is underway and students and faculty are on campus, the reviewers' focus will shift to academic programs.  

More information about the review is available on Iowa State's TIER site.