On the phone: Speed dial, call pickup, simultaneous rings

Editor's note: Iowa State University no longer uses Aastra telephone products. Information about current phone hardware is in IT portal's voice and conferencing services.

This week's tips

  • Set up speed dial
  • Pick up a colleague's phone
  • Set your calls to ring on two (or more) phones

Aastra 6737i or Aastra 6739i

You have two ways to put frequently called numbers on your phone screen for quick dialing, and you'll most likely use both. There are many similarities between BLF (busy lamp field), explained in last week's Inside, and speed dial, described in this week's phone tips.

Using BLF and speed dial together will allow you to put more numbers on your phone screen for one-push dialing. The chart below compares features of these quick-dial techniques.

Quick-dial techniques

Speed Dial Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
Use for: Any number, on- or off-campus Use for: On-campus  Aastra phones only
6737i screen displays names
6739i displays names
6737i screen displays numbers only
6739i displays names and numbers
Doesn't indicate when numbers are busy Indicates when numbers are busy
One-touch dial on phone screen One-touch dial on phone screen
Setup method: Phone keypad Setup method: Web portal


A more congenial portal entrance

The web-based phone portal provides access to many advanced features of the new Iowa State phones. However, the portal URL -- http://xsp3ext.sip.net.internet2.edu/Login -- wasn't overly friendly. Staff in information technology services have remedied that by giving the portal a more congenial address -- phone.iastate.edu. Once in the portal, you'll see the old URL atop the web page, but you never need type it again.