Aastra 6737i: Speed dial, call pickup, simultaneous rings

Editor's note: Iowa State University no longer uses Aastra telephone products. Information about current phone hardware is in IT portal's voice and conferencing services.


Aastra 6737i

AAstra 6737i (PDF user guide)

Set up speed dial

  • To enter a name, press any blank softkey (it won't have a label)
  • In the first text box, type a name or label. Use the phone keypad to type, just as if you were creating a text message. To delete something, hit the "backspace" softkey; the space is under the * key.
  • Tap ▼ to go to the next text box and enter the phone number. You can enter the last 5 digits for campus phones (4XXXX); include area code for off-campus numbers (515XXXXXXX).
  • Hit "save" and then, the "OK" softkeys
  • Repeat steps above to add more entries

To speed dial:

  • Click the softkey beside the name
  • You may need to press "more" to see all the names on your list

To edit a speed dial key:

  • Press "options" key, then scroll to "preferences" and press ▶ to select
  • Scroll to the "speed dial edit" option and press ▶ to select
  • All programmable speed lamps will flash; press the softkey of the entry to be edited
  • Select the "name" or "number" text boxes and edit as desired
  • Press the "OK" softkey

Call pickup

Call pickup allows you to use your own phone to answer the ringing phone of a colleague. The colleague must be in your call pickup group. That group generally is set up several days after the installation of your new phone. Here's how to pick up a neighbor's call:

  • Press the "call pickup" softkey on your phone's screen. If this feature doesn't work, your call pickup group may not have been set up yet. Try again later.
  • If you want to know who's in your call pickup group, sign on to the web portal (phone.iastate.edu) and go to "call control," then "call pickup."

Incoming calls ring simultaneously on one (or more) phones

On occasion, you may want your incoming calls to ring  not only to your office phone, but on one or more other phones. This feature is easy to set up, and easy to turn on or off as needed.

  • If you haven't done so, set up your portal
  • Go to phone.iastate.edu and sign in
  • In the left navigation, click "incoming calls"
  • Under the "advanced" column, click "simultaneous ring personal"
  • Add numbers of other phones that will simultaneously ring (don't check the "answer confirmation required")
  • After "simultaneous ring personal," click the "on" button
  • Click the "OK" or "apply" button
  • NOTE: If you don't pick up any of your ringing phones in time, the phone with the speediest voice mail will collect your message.