Email access to end for employees who leave Iowa State

Information Technology Services (ITS) is implementing changes to its practice regarding Net-ID and email access for employees who leave Iowa State.

Effective Nov. 1, an employee’s Net-ID will be suspended the morning after his or her separation date, as recorded in the human resource services system.

Once the Net-ID has been suspended, senders to the email account will receive a response that the employee no longer works at the university. The notice also will provide alternate email addresses for Iowa State business and personal correspondence to the former employee.

Safeguarding information

The new practice, recommended by a campus-wide task force, will help prevent access to confidential information by unauthorized users. Access to ADIN and AccessPlus uBusiness already are suspended the day after separation; suspending the Net-ID will provide an additional safeguard.

This change in practice does not affect emeritus faculty or university guests with sponsored email accounts, but these accounts will need to be renewed annually.

If you are preparing to leave Iowa State

If your separation date is known in advance, you will receive a notice 30 days prior to that date. This notice will include an opportunity for you to submit a personal email address, which will be forwarded to senders for six months after your separation date. The amount of notice you receive may vary based on when your separation date is entered into the HRS system.

If a separated employee requires email access after the last day of work, a sponsored email account still may be allowed. Administrative approval by a department or unit leader is required to initiate or renew the account.

Visit the ITS website for more information on the Net-ID suspension process or for additional email options.