Stange Road work resumes Sept. 10

Drivers who enter campus via Stange Road, take note: Pavement replacement work that was halted while the new academic year got started will resume next week.

Beginning Monday, Sept. 10, crews from Manatts will tear out and replace deteriorating concrete sections in the two southbound lanes of Stange Road between Pammel Drive and the Squaw Creek bridge. This will result in a single lane of traffic in each direction. Some sidewalk sections also will be replaced. Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are asked to observe signs as they navigate the area.

If the weather cooperates, the work is expected to take about three weeks and wrap up by Friday, Sept. 28.

Finishing the job

Pavement replacement work on campus began May 2 and was halted on Aug. 10 to alleviate traffic congestion during ISU student move-in and the start of new academic years for both Iowa State and the Ames school district. Work was completed this summer on Beach and Wallace roads, Union Drive, University Boulevard and the northbound lanes of Stange Road.

Campus planner Cathy Brown said university leaders are pleased with the high quality of the pavement work completed this summer. Dry weather and a recognized need for more work than originally planned resulted in additional pavement and sidewalk replacements at several locations, which added time to the project.

The concrete replacement is part of the university's 2012 pavement preservation plan. Institutional Roads funds are paying for the work.