Q&A with Faculty Senate president Suzanne Hendrich

Suzanne Hendrich

Photo by Bob Elbert.

The basics

Hendrich's senate service:

Senator (1991-97 and 2006-12); president-elect (2011-12); chair, academic affairs council (2006-12); chair, faculty development and administrative relations council (1995-97)

Position at ISU:

University Professor in food science and human nutrition

Arrived at ISU:


Hendrich's priorities this year:

  • Provide faculty input to develop a comprehensive faculty/staff wellness program
  • Work on university-wide learning outcomes and assessment processes
  • Enhance a sense of community among faculty members and as a Faculty Senate
  • Help show how valuable ISU faculty members are to the state of Iowa

Senate's biggest challenge:

"Resource constraints, which seem likely to continue."

Hendrich's thoughts on the year ahead:

"Representing the faculty -- who by their nature, and by the nature of the university, hold very diverse viewpoints on issues -- will be a great challenge. I feel prepared to bring people together to create consensus and move forward to make ISU even better."