Stay cool

Heat tips

FAQ About Extreme Heat, Centers for Disease Control

While the heat wave may dampen your walk to and from the car, it shouldn't affect the temps inside your office this week. David Miller, associate vice president for facilities planning and management, said he doesn't anticipate any major concerns as the mercury rises in central Iowa.

At noon Wednesday, as the temperature inched above 90, Miller said the load on Iowa State's four large chillers was about 12,500 tons, well below last year's peak of 16,500. Miller said it takes a while for Mother Nature to heat the massive buildings on campus.

"We probably will not see our high loads for a couple of days."

Turn off the printer

While facilities staff manage the larger campus climate, Miller does have some advice for those of us sitting in the relative comfort of our offices.

"When the weather heats up, the more equipment you can shut down, the better," he said. "Equipment generates heat. By turning off that printer, you can make your office environment more comfortable and help the university save some energy."