Leath makes key changes in administration

Administrative reorganization by President Steven Leath has resulted in several key changes and moves in university administration. The changes, most of which are subject to Iowa Board of Regents approval at the June 6 meeting, include the following:

VP promotions

Tom Hill


Warren Madden


Vice Presidents Warren Madden and Tom Hill have been promoted to senior vice presidents. Madden is now senior vice president for business and finance, and Hill is senior vice president for student affairs.

"These promotions recognize the critical roles these two leaders play in the advancement of this fine university," Leath said. "Warren Madden's breadth of responsibility -- business services, facilities planning and management, human resource services, public safety, museums and more -- is amazing, and the good work of his units is evident in every corner of the campus.  Tom Hill's equally strong leadership in student life -- residence, admissions, dining, academics, recreation, health -- manifests itself in an outstanding student body and record enrollments.

"I greatly value the counsel of these senior VPs," he added.

Hira to senior policy adviser

Tahira Hira


Tahira Hira's title has changed from executive assistant to the president to senior policy adviser to the president. With Miles Lackey joining the president's office as Leath's chief of staff, Hira will oversee a number of special initiatives. For example, she will develop strategies to increase Iowa State’s national prominence, manage rising enrollment and recruit top faculty. She will also continue to lead and serve on a variety of university committees on behalf of the president.

"Tahira’s counsel has been vitally important through the presidential transition process," Leath said. "I look forward to continuing to work with Tahira in her new capacity as she addresses critical challenges facing the university."

Financial planning, budgeting to president's office

Dave Biedenbach


Dave Biedenbach, director of university budgets in the office of the executive vice president and provost, will move to the president's office June 1 and serve as the assistant vice president for university financial planning and budgeting. The move returns coordination of budget planning to the president's office; that function had been transferred to the provost's office in 2006.

"Dave Biedenbach will play a central role in the university's budget planning activities," Leath said. "Specifically, he will work in concert with university leadership to ensure our budgets are aligned with our mission and our goals."

Rippke to university counsel

Sheryl Rippke


Policy administrator Sheryl Rippke now reports to the office of university counsel, rather than the office of the president. “It's a natural alliance for the policy administrator to work out of the office that is very involved in drafting policies,” Leath said. "I greatly appreciate the contributions Sheryl has made to the president’s office and to this university – I know the counsel’s office is excited to have her joining their team."