Holding a summer youth program? Registration deadline looms

By this fall, Iowa State will have a new policy setting out safety standards for any university program -- academic, athletic or recreational -- involving youth who are under 18 years old.

In the meantime, university units or affiliates offering a youth camp or pre-collegiate program this summer must:

  1. Register the program with the Office of Risk Management (use Youth Program Registration [PDF] or Youth Program Registration-Third Party [PDF]). Deadline for registration is May 7 for programs starting before July 1 and June 1 for programs beginning July 1 or after.
  2. Copy the registration to chairs and deans.
  3. Submit a background check request form (PDF)  to the Office of University Counsel.  Upon receipt of the form from university-sponsored programs, university counsel will screen volunteers and employees against the sex offender registry.  University-endorsed or third-party programs are responsible for their own background checks. (People on the sex offender registry cannot assist with youth programs.)
  4. Develop a protocol to assure first aid is available to camp participants.

The Youth Camps and Pre-Collegiate Programs website provides more information and links to other forms.