A new era in university billing: The transition to Workday

As the implementation of Workday for student information and receivables progresses, the Accounts Receivable office team is preparing for the Student Financials and Customer Accounts components to go live in Workday at the end of July. The last university bill (U-Bill) generated in AccessPlus for students, employees and external billing customers will be on July 1. The billing for Aug. 1 will mark the first time it's generated in Workday.

The accounts receivable team will implement three products in the Workday student and receivables conversion:

  1. Workday Student Financials: Student billing
  2. Workday Customer Accounts: External customer billing
  3. Nelnet Campus Commerce (current vendor for these functions): Payment and student refund portal

The key dates for this conversion are:

  • July 1: Final electronic and paper billing statement will be generated in AccessPlus.
  • July 17: Last day for billing departments to transfer charges and payments into the university receivables system (file upload, batch loads and manual entry).
  • July 19: Final day to make or post a payment in AccessPlus.
  • July 20-25: University receivable systems will be offline for conversion activities.
  • July 26: Student Financials and Customer Accounts billing goes live in Workday for the first use of billing and payments.

Employee billing: Are you a student or a customer?

If you missed it

The May edition of the Workday Wednesday workshop featured customer accounts and student financials specialists who provided a first look at accounts receivable billing. Their slides and a recording of their presentation can be reviewed online.

Whether employees take classes at ISU and use campus services will determine how they access their U-Bill in the future.

Employees who have been students in the past seven years and had billing charges during that period will access their billing items through the Student Financials app in Workday. These individuals can get to the Student Financials app in Workday by opening the main menu (also called the global navigation menu) and finding Student Financials in the dropdown options.

Employees who never have been a student at Iowa State or haven't had billing activity in the last seven years will be assigned a customer number in Workday (CST-XXXXXXX). Employees billed as customers will access billing through the customer portal in Workday. Instructions for using this portal will be shared in the coming weeks. When they have billing activity, this group of employees will receive a billing notification to their ISU email that guides them on how to access their U-Bill.

As part of the employee billing changes in Workday, payroll deduction no longer will be an option for paying U-Bills. Employees will be able to pay online via electronic check/ACH or credit/debit card, or they still may submit a check to the treasurer's office.