Communications center develops tools to help graduate students become better research writers

After nearly a decade of supporting graduate students in their academic and professional communication skills development, staff in the Graduate College's Center for Communication Excellence (CCE) recognize:

  • The growing demand for resources about discipline-specific research writing.
  • The time and energy investment graduate faculty make to help their graduate students become better research writers.

And they've devised a plan to help.

Center staff invite graduate faculty across the university to take part in training students to use two innovative, empirically validated open educational resources (OERs) created at the CCE to boost students' knowledge of discipline-specific research writing conventions. They are:

  • The Research Writing Tutor. This artificial intelligence technology supplies critical, constructive feedback on students' research article drafts that's based on a cross-comparison with published research articles in their disciplines.
  • Preparing to Publish. This open access e-guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to write up research for publication.

The CCE team will demonstrate these two OERs for graduate faculty during a luncheon on Nov. 15; faculty are asked to indicate their interest in attending by Nov. 8 in this online form. The CCE also invites faculty to check out a four-minute video featuring faculty and student perspectives on research writing and the OERs' usefulness.

The two OERs are part of a CCE project, "Sustainable Open Education Resource and AI-Based Infrastructure for Research Writing," which is supported by a recently awarded affordable course materials grant. Funds came from an initial (2022) round of grants intended to launch the 2022-31 Strategic Plan.