Research continues for committee considering Catt Hall name

The committee considering requests to remove Carrie Chapman Catt's name from Catt Hall continues to work through historical research on Catt and the women's suffrage movement.

"We have some very good historical information," said Carol Faber, chair of the Standing Committee for the Consideration of Removing Names from University Property and associate professor of graphic design. "We've been through a lot of historical documents. It's a long process for everyone, but it's important that we be as thorough as possible."

The committee continues to receive support from its research firm, History Associates, Inc. The firm recently gained access to an archive of material that previously was unavailable.

"We're looking forward to taking a look at the contents of that archive," Faber added.

The committee's task is to develop a draft report that includes an initial recommendation on whether Catt Hall should be renamed. The draft, currently in development, will be available for public comment for 60 days.

After receiving and reviewing comments, the committee will vote on its final recommendation. A two-thirds vote of the committee is required to recommend name removal.

The committee, appointed in 2021 by President Wendy Wintersteen, has pored through the research, held numerous meetings and interviewed individuals with expertise or interests in the Catt Hall renaming issue.