Who's on your service delivery team?

Service delivery teams are filling up and the names of individuals who accepted specialist positions are being shared with campus. Specialists will assist departments and units with finance and human resources work in the Workday software system that goes live campuswide on July 1.

A March 28 improved service delivery (ISD) email to employees showed that eight of the 54 human resources positions are open, and 18 of 129 finance jobs still need to be filled. Employees who expressed interest in a specialist role but no longer are being considered have been notified and will be contacted by transition teams for help with their next steps.

ISD training begins next month -- April 1 for HR specialists and April 29 for finance team members. Based on the specialist role, training ranges from 20 to 32 courses (up to 62.5 hours), all of which must be completed before July 1. Summaries of the HR and finance training curricula are available online.

Find out more

The campus email provided links to new resources on WorkCyte's ISD site, including:

The website also includes a list of service delivery teams and the units they're assigned to, an FAQ addressing transition concerns, a timeline of upcoming milestones and an archive of campus communications. Questions can be sent to ISD_transition@iastate.edu.