Search for VP for diversity and inclusion begins

The search is underway for Iowa State's first vice president for diversity and inclusion.

"The new vice president will serve as the university's chief diversity officer, report to President Steven Leath and advise senior leadership about strategic diversity planning efforts that advance Iowa State’s mission and vision," said dean of students Pamela Anthony, who leads the search.

Assisting in the search is The Spelman & Johnson Group. SJG is a leader in higher education leadership searches and is familiar with Iowa State, Anthony said.

Nominating candidates

Anthony encourages the university community to submit nominees for the new post. Send nominations to: SJG senior associate Mark A. Hall,, 413-529-2895.

Anthony anticipates the vice president will be named during the fall 2015 semester and on campus by spring 2016.

History of the position

The chief diversity officer post stems from a 2013 study of ISU diversity programs and initiatives. Leath commissioned the study from The Jackson Consulting Firm, Madison, Wisconsin, and accepted a key recommendation to create a chief diversity officer at Iowa State.

Based on a recommendation from the search committee, President Leath established the position as vice president for diversity and inclusion, Anthony said. This title change aligns with best practices within chief diversity officer positions in higher education; creates an executive-level position responsible for increasing the university’s diversity efforts while also promoting an inclusive environment; and more clearly delineates the position’s place within the university’s leadership structure.