The great mouse-over detective could be you

If you're paranoid about clicking links in emails, you're in the right frame of mind. Eighty percent of the email coming into Iowa State servers is spam or fraud, according to information technology staff. And the consequences of one errant click range from embarrassing (having to make that sheepish call to the Solution Center) to costly (one infected machine can wreak a lot of network havoc in a short time).

Fortunately, with a few minutes of online video training, you could be sniffing out fraudulent links in your inbox and on web pages with Sherlockian precision.

IT's new "Don't Be Fooled" training video will provide you with a few key tools to determine when, for example, that click is going to take you to the real Iowa State calendar of events -- or a fraudulent pretender overseas.

The six-minute video is divided into three sections for easy viewing. At the end of instructional sections, you'll get a chance to try your new skills by determining whether sample sites are frauds or real deals.