Barks at Parks

Best four-legged friends

Several dogs taking part in Barks at Parks -- a weeklong event to help students relax while studying for finals -- have owners who are faculty or staff. Faculty said the event allows them to connect with students in a different and pleasant way.

Spring rollout planned for Workday budgeting module

A tool for creating budgets in Workday is being developed, with a spring rollout expected in time for fiscal year 2021 planning. 

University registrar Jennifer Suchan

Jennifer Suchan

Suchan named university registrar

A member of the registrar team since 2015, Jennifer Suchan served as interim registrar since mid-June.

CELT staff to bring workshop to next faculty Senate meeting

Last month, President Wendy Wintersteen outlined 10 actions to addresses racism and discrimination on campus. Among them is annual training for faculty in each academic department to create an inclusive classroom environment.

A team approach to Title IX service

An emerging best practice among universities is to train deputy Title IX coordinators, and as of this fall, Iowa State has a deputy team of seven, double what it was three years ago.

P&S Council takes first look at FY21 salary recommendation

The Professional and Scientific Council would propose a standard performance-based P&S staff pay raise for fiscal year 2021 as high as 2% above inflation, under a recommendation discussed at its Dec. 5 meeting.

Extension counties move closer to reorganization

As ISU Extension and Outreach restructures, counties will decide in the next two months which of three operational models they will adopt. The models go into effect July 1, 2020.

Degree audits pass million milestone

Much of the growth is due to more interest in "batch" audits -- covering a few dozen to a few thousand students -- for comparison and research purposes.