Man uses power washer on outdoor fountain components

Keeping a campus favorite clean

During fountain season, the Fountain of the Four Seasons is drained and cleaned every two weeks to keep algae under control and the pool clean and to ensure the fountain operates smoothly.

Regents confirm fall tuition rates

Resident undergraduates will pay $318 more this year than last. For nonresident undergraduates, the increase is $942. Upper-level students in higher-cost programs with differential tuition will see higher increases.

Helping student-athletes navigate new branding opportunities

The new opportunities to financially benefit from their name, image and likeness are a win-win for student-athletes, who also will learn valuable lessons about entrepreneurship, brand management and contracts, ISU's faculty athletics representative told the state Board of Regents.

FY22 budget contains additional revenue, reallocations

The retirement incentive option program created a $14.6 million savings across the university for the new fiscal year, about 70% of it in the general fund units.

Employee memberships are a new push for recreation services

Increased outreach and restructured membership fees aim to make joining more appealing to employees. The ultimate goal is to better serve students by improving faculty and staff well-being.

Unexpected enrollment, benefits changes bolstered a bleak COVID year budget

By year's end, a projected $33.4 million loss in tuition revenue for the year turned out to be closer to a $13 million deficit, and the estimated $41 million revenue gap was closer to $19 million.

Online department directory to sunset this year

The university's online department directory runs on an outdated system that requires manual updates. The individual directory is updated automatically and will not be affected.