Overhead image of stadium construction zone

Building projects begin, wrap up this summer

Summer typically brings a noticeable uptick in construction and maintenance projects. Here's a quick look at some of what's scheduled for the next few months.

New policy for visiting scholars is in place

The intent is to protect the university's interests, including the intellectual property of faculty and staff and the integrity of federally funded research projects.

head shot of George Jackson

George Jackson

Crowdfunding effort honors minority student advocate George Jackson

A memorial fund established after his death in 2016 expanded in scope this spring to support three purposes: undergraduate scholarship for a first-year, first-time African American student, programming at the Black Cultural Center and a fund from which to draw emergency grants to help underrepresented students remain in school.

What to keep in mind about post-pandemic well-being

Many of the outward signs of the COVID-19 pandemic are going away, but its inward impact -- the emotional and mental health effects of the past 14 months -- won't fade as easily.

'We know what we need': SISTER connects women of color

SISTER is a group of more than 80 faculty and staff who identify as women of color who gather monthly over the lunch hour to connect and share stories, a too-rare prospect for affirmation and support on a mostly white campus.

New partnership expands ISU access to affordable child care

Students, faculty and staff have more options for affordable quality child care thanks to a new partnership to offer income-based fees at Eagle's Loft Early Learning Center.

New benefit program finds relief for student loan repayment

Savi can help employees navigate complex federal and state programs to lower their student loan payments and potentially get some of the debt forgiven.