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These instructors appreciate teaching in a classroom

Last week represented the first in-person classes on campus in 150 days since their suspension as a result of the pandemic. Both instructors and students were enthusiastic to be back in the classroom.

How advisers can help student organizations adjust for pandemic

The return of in-person learning this fall isn't limited to the classroom. Activities such as joining or leading one of Iowa State's hundreds of student organizations are essential opportunities. Faculty and staff advisers can help guide students in safely achieving group goals.

e-Budget: Successor to the budget book

Iowa State's new e-Budget website debuts for the fiscal year that began July 1. It's available on the operations and finance division website.

Updated university policies comply with federal changes to Title IX

Some definitions narrow under Title IX, but by revising other policies, handbooks or conduct codes, ISU's commitment to responding to alleged incidents won't change.

Two students scoop homemade ice cream

ISU Creamery

A great week for ice cream

The ISU Creamery, which held a celebration Aug. 21, is open four days a week in 2953 Food Sciences Building.

Hungry? ISU Dining app helps you GET food faster

Faculty, staff and students can order food on campus through ISU Dining's GET app. The mobile app allows anyone to order from select ISU Dining locations, use contactless payment and skip the line. 

Sept. 20 is new go-live date for P&S classification/compensation system

Back-to-campus and back-to-school demands on P&S staff and managers' time postpone the go-live date three weeks.

Adventure2 has more ways to connect with participants

Adventure2 begins its fourth year on Sept. 1 with a new way to communicate with participants and increased emphasis on mental and emotional support as people deal with the pandemic.

Masked student provides hand sanitizer to another student

Cyclones care

Cyclones care

Student, faculty and staff volunteers shared handouts and promoted the Cyclones Care behavior campaign among students during the past week.