RAGBRAI cyclists wowed by trip through Trice

Listening to what cyclists were saying as they took in the Cyclone Loop, the popular spin through Jack Trice Stadium that ended the third day of RAGBRAI.

Expect Bissell, Union, Welch roads to reopen by Aug. 10

Roads in the southwest part of campus dug up since March will be back in service by Aug. 10. Multiple utility and road projects are phased over two summers, and work will resume next March.

sketch of renovated SE intramural fields

Southeast intramural fields

Rec services plans to redo intramural fields east of stadium

On the heels of improvements to intramural fields east of the Maple Willow Larch residence complex, recreation services proposes similar upgrades totaling $10 million to its fields east of Jack Trice Stadium.

Freeman is continuing in adviser role

University Professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering Steve Freeman will continue to serve as faculty adviser to the president, a role he's had for five years.

Maximizing class time even when absent

An initiative the Student Loan Education Office launched two years ago, Don't Cancel That Class, makes it easy to fill an open period with a guest presentation.