Two female students study in a campus cafe

Getting the job done

Students grab quiet corners all over campus this week to prepare for exams.

Leath apologizes, regents say it's time to move forward

ISU leader vows this experience will make him a better, more conscientious president.

Senate president speaks out on regents issues

At the Dec. 13 Faculty Senate meeting, senate president Jonathan Sturm shared his thoughts on the state board of regents' differential tuition decision and its audit of President Steven Leath's use of university planes.

Kamuli youth at well

Worthy projects

Mitchellville to Uganda: FundISU's far-flung first year

ISU Foundation provided the crowd funding platform and university teams took it from there, raising dollars for all kinds of projects -- from putting on the Fashion Show to expanding a garden at a state prison to continuing development work abroad. In a banner first year for FundISU, 16 teams raised more than $190,000.

Get ready for the winter break partial shutdown

Winter break is around the corner. Here are some tips to remember if you'll be away from your office for several days.

Note these semester break schedule changes, closures

Check out this list of closures and altered schedules before trekking to campus during break.