Veenker Golf Course

Campus flooding is limited and brief

Squaw Creek left its banks Monday night, causing flooding at Veenker golf course and to some east side fields.

Network upgrade snags the phones

A major upgrade that will boost Iowa State's network capacity from 10 GB to 100 GB hit a snag July 9 when a malfunction in the new equipment brought down the university phone system, and to a lesser extent, other online campus services.

Fishing debris snares swan

One of Lake LaVerne's famous swans is recovering from a run-in with discarded fishing line on Tuesday. The bird is on the mend, thanks to the College of Veterinary Medicine's small animal hospital.

Record summer enrollment, again

For the sixth consecutive year, summer enrollment hits a new mark.

Farm House Museum closes for renovations

The Farm House Museum on central campus closed July 1 for planned renovations that include window restoration and new (historic) wallpaper in several of the rooms and hallways. The work will take several months.

Alumni Days folded into homecoming events

The annual Alumni Days reunion will no longer take place in the spring. Instead, the alumni association will recognize those groups with enhanced activities and events during homecoming weekend.