Coover Hall video wall

Video wall makes big splash at Coover

Meet CyRIS, an interactive video system showcasing the department of electrical and computer engineering in Coover Hall. Much of the content -- and its technological evolution -- will be driven by student projects.



Welcome, Dean Spalding

David Spalding became the College of Business' new dean on Aug. 1.

Council kicks off new academic year

The Professional and Scientific Council gaveled in 2013-14 on Aug. 1, but committee work already is under way.

Building ISU exhibit's "hall of frames"

Prepping for the fair

Step inside interactive art gallery at this year's state fair exhibit

An interactive art exhibit showcasing Iowa State serving Iowans, some impressive trophies, free temporary tattoos and football posters are part of the ISU exhibit in the Varied Industries Building. Elsewhere at the fair, Iowa Staters will oversee 4-H exhibits, run a scavenger hunt, provide info on Iowa's wine industry and see to the health of all those animals.