Welcome, OMers

About 15,000 guests from around the world are on campus this week for the world finals of the creative problem-solving competition Odyssey of the Mind. Competitions begin Thursday morning and run through Saturday afternoon across campus.

Stange Road is open to Osborn Drive

Stange Road access has been extended to Osborn Drive while summer pavement patching and construction work affects campus access.

Summer cleanout

FPM will coordinate a mixed paper recycling effort in June. Start cleaning out storage areas and shelves now.

pamela anthony


Pamela Anthony named dean of students

VP for student affairs Tom Hill announced May 17 that Pamela Anthony, assistant dean of students at Georgia State University, Atlanta, will become Iowa State's dean of students on Aug. 1.

Web accessibility webinar is May 31

Top experts on web accessibility will present a three-hour webinar May 31 on what universities must do to make websites that are open and useful to everyone, including those with disabilities. The webinar is open to all faculty, staff and students who maintain student club and activity websites.